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Brooklyn Grooming

Tattoo Lovers Gift Set

Tattoo Lovers Gift Set

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We've put together the perfect set for any tattoo lover!

Each set includes:

1 x Tatoo Balm
1 x Pilgrim's Blue Velvet Serum
1 x Unscented deodorant 

Brooklyn Grooming's award winning tattoo balm is perfect for those with sensitive skin and can be used on any stage of a tattoo wether its fresh or aging like a fine wine.
Blue velvet is a powerful and calming serum that delivered beautiful results with plant based ingredients like Squalene ( Olive derived ) and Japanese sesame oil. Perfect for all skin types and helps with problematic skin and conditions like acne and inflammation.
Pilgrim's unscented deodorant is perfect for those wanting a deodorant that won't interfere with other scents like colognes or perfumes. Gentle on sensitive armpits and effective at controlling stank.

All Brooklyn Grooming products are sustainably packaged in glass, paper and metal, all recyclable or compostable. Every gift set is hand stamped.

Made in United States of America

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