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West Coast Seeds

Seeds - Purple Tansy Phacelia

Seeds - Purple Tansy Phacelia

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Phacelia tanacetifolia. Pale, mauve-blue, fragrant flowers unfold like ferns at the top of long leafy stems and attracts bees from miles around. The delicate, lacy foliage bears a resemblance to yarrow. It fits in the vegetable garden as a cover crop or in a garden bed for quirky purple flowers. Direct sow Purple Tansy seeds at three week intervals from April to June and expect a staggered, much extended bloom period. Phacelia grows to 60cm (24") in full sun or part shade. Plant Phacelia any place where pollination has not been sufficient, as it is such a lure for pollinators. It's a good companion plant for any of the Cucurbits - cucumbers, melons, and squashes.

If planting as a cover crop, use 2.2kg per acre. Denser planting will control weeds.

Exposure Full-sun
West Coast Seeds
Seed Pack Contents
0.5g (Approx. 270 Seeds)

    • Hardy annual
    • Pale mauve-blue
    • Attracts bees
    • Grows to 60cm (24")
    • Can be used as cover crop

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