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West Coast Seeds

Seeds - Polar Bear Zinnias

Seeds - Polar Bear Zinnias

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Polar Bear Zinnias bear gorgeous, creamy white flowers atop straight, upright stems that grow 75-100cm (40-50") tall. The 10cm (4") wide flowers appear from summer to fall, attracting butterflies, bumblebees, and other pollinators. Polar Bear Zinnias make exceptionally nice cut flowers, and that adds value to any farm stand or CSA program. Zinnias are a great addition for market growers, and can bring in premium prices as farm stand bouquets. The plants are resilient, and will keep producing new stems and blossoms over several weeks.

Plant this striking flower in mass plantings, or use them in larger containers that will balance the tall stems. Keep cutting zinnia stems, and more flowers keep coming.

Exposure Full Sun
West Coast Seeds
Seed Pack Contents
1g (Approx. 150 Seeds)

    • Creamy white flowers
    • Attracts butterflies
    • Great for cut flowers
    • Annual

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