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West Coast Seeds

Seeds - Cardinal Organic Basil

Seeds - Cardinal Organic Basil

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Cardinal Organic basil seeds are CERTIFIED ORGANIC! Upright plants grow to 60cm (25") tall, with strongly aromatic, oval leaves, and growth so vigorous no pinching is needed. Cardinal is very useful as a culinary basil, but wait until it blooms! Dark scarlet flowers make this variety such a show-stopper that it will dominate your herb bed or flower border. In mid-summer the plants are crowned by surprisingly tall pagoda shaped flower clusters that are fragrant and attractive to pollinators. Grow some Cardinal Organic basil in containers in your patio herb garden and enjoy the flavour and colour all summer long. Basil prefers warm weather and full sun.

Exposure Full sun
Brand West Coast Seeds
Seed Pack Contents .25g (Approx. 127 Seeds)

    • So vigorous, no pinching is needed
    • Great in containers or raised beds
    • Dark scarlet flowers
    • Upright plants to 60cm (25") tall
    • Certified Organic

    * Available for shipping within Canada only *

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