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Upstate Stock

Malbec Upcycled Wool Watchcap

Malbec Upcycled Wool Watchcap

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Upstate Stock's modern take on a classic military style. The sophisticated colour palette combined with a timeless single-weave taffeta label means these hats are sure to stand the test of time — not only from a style perspective but also an environmental one.

The upcycled wool process works to close the loop in the supply chain by recycling resources instead of using new ones. Light-weight, stylish, and warm. What else could you ask of your winter hat?

Knit upstate, cut and sewn in Brooklyn, NY.

100% Upcycled Wool Blend

Size Info
One size fits all
Length: 11" Without Fold
Width: 9" At Base

Washing Instructions
Hand wash, dry flat. Do not bleach.

Labels are lightly tacked on and can be removed easily.


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