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How to Garden the Low Carbon Way

How to Garden the Low Carbon Way

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The Steps You Can Take to Help Combat Climate Change
Written by: Sally Nex

Create a beautiful home garden while reducing your carbon footprint along the way

Transform your outdoor space into a low-impact, carbon-absorbing sink with this fantastic gardening guide, packed with ideas to grow a climate-friendly garden that will help protect the planet. 
Keen on starting your own garden but unsure about your environmental impact? This guide will give you practical advice on which soil to use, plants that are best for absorbing carbon dioxide, low-carbon fertilizers, and cutting out single-use plastic. What’s more, this garden book is completely backed by scientific research! 

Share in the delight of eco-conscious gardening when you start using How to Garden the Low Carbon Way as your guide. Explore the benefits of no-dig gardening, how to use fewer plants, using hedges instead of fences, how to grow shrubs that support wildlife, and more! 

This green gardening book will make growing your own garden easy, enjoyable, and eco-friendly and includes sections on;

• How to grow plants that reduce your carbon footprint
• Creating a garden that considers the local wildlife
• Tips on setting up your garden, low-impact plants, and best fertilizers to use 

Green Gardening: Low environmental impact 

This fantastic gardening book is a simple, step-by-step guide to learn about gardening or to reference as your garden grows. You’ll quickly become acquainted with the benefits of growing a garden that positively contributes to the environment. Plus, you'll have all the fun, rewards a gardening hobby has to offer.

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