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Rewild Woodworks

Hand Carved Walnut Spoon (3 Styles)

Hand Carved Walnut Spoon (3 Styles)

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Hand carved walnut spoon. Available in 3 options: Round, Oval and Square Edge

Dimensions: Length Approx. 11.5", Width Approx. 2.5"
Made from the highest quality walnut, and sealed with 100% food safe mineral oil and beeswax salve.

-Hand wash with a drop of mild dish detergent and dry right away. Do not submerge in water.
-Oil periodically with a food safe oil.

Made in Winnipeg, MB by Rewild Woodworks

Please note: As this is a hand-made product, each piece is unique. Please be aware that variations will occur and product may not be exactly as depicted in photo.

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